Since (for the fifth day in a row) I only have about an hour between Jobs 1 and 2, I thought I’d make a quick post featuring some beautiful St Patrick’s Day rooms. Some of them have green in the decor itself, and some of them are designed to showcase the gorgeous green views surrounding the house.

Applegate Tran Interiors  family room

This just screams cozy. I’ve realized lately that most often, my style is a little bit traditional mixed with a little bit of nature, and this room really fits the bill. The natural materials, the cozy couch, that magnificent coffee table… Love it all. (Gioi Tran)



vivian dwyer contemporary living room

This would deeply satisfy my wish to feel like I’m truly living in nature. How dreamy is the view of those woods? You’re really surrounded by them with those huge wall-to-wall windows. (DWYER DESIGN)



Decor Demons Loft eclectic living room

What a great mix of green and red – colors that I normally associate almost entirely with Christmas. The exposed brick, giant black and white photo, and dramatic design of the chandelier help take my mind off “holiday.” Not to mention that this makes me want a giant K somewhere in my place. Or maybe I should wait until I get married and use the first letter of our last name? Or perhaps something random – a giant Z could be cool. (decordemon)



*  bedroom

I love the colors, the plants hanging from the high ceiling, the low profile of all the furniture and accessories… But more than anything, I love the attitude of the room – like it’s inviting you to come relax and enjoy that sunshine.



Bath contemporary bathroom

Here’s another room that mixes “Christmas colors” in a totally new and fresh way. Those glossy green tiles are incredible. Combined with the red pops in the flowers and the towel, they give the overall feel of the room a modern, chic, and happy vibe. (Gast Architects)


That’s all I’ve got for you today. I hope everyone is inspired to add some green to their design, either through nature itself or man-made materials. Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!

All photos courtesy of Houzz.com.


A few weeks ago, my boyfriend finally moved his bedroom set into our apartment. That means we have a real bed frame and, maybe more importantly, real night stands. They’re like mini-dressers and in the few weeks we’ve had them, they’ve already started to become clutter magnets. I’ve been big into making the bed lately and it just ruins the effect to have messy night stands, so I decided to make decorating the night stands one of my first projects. The only rule is that I couldn’t buy anything! I completed the project yesterday, but I’m going to live with it a few more days before I post it. So far, though, I’m pretty sure I love it. To hold you over until my before & after post, here are a few pictures that inspired me.


I love this because it’s timeless (striped sheets, bed frame), a little bit vintage (suitcases), and a little bit natural (plants, lighting, white walls). 


HGTV Dream Home 2010 traditional bedroom

I can’t do it here, but someday I will have chandeliers hanging above my night stands. [traditional bedroom design by hgtv.com]

Betsy Burnham  bedroom
This originally caught my eye because of the print of the plane on the nightstand – I notice anything aviation right now because I want to eventually incorporate it into the decor for Bueno – but what really sold me is that the paint color perfectly matches the beige-y green on the wings of the plane. From there it’s easy to see how the entire room was subtly and artfully designed around the print. Brilliant! [bedroom design by Los Angeles interior designer Betsy Burnham]


vintage decor

Not a night stand, but I love the overall effect of mixing collected items and natural elements. 

Now I’m excited to show you guys what I did with my night stands. 🙂

All photos courtesy of Houzz.com.

I’ve been into houses since I was little. Growing up, my mom loved to point out the prettiest houses as we drove down the street. She really was the main influence for my interest in interior design. Our house, though small, was constantly evolving. I remember at least four entirely different design schemes for the dining room alone. My style is a lot different than hers was, but I inherited her love of decorating. When I moved out into my first apartment, I painted my tiny living room a minty green, hung some dark curtains, and spent hours finding the perfect arrangement for my small bookshelf. I’ve moved on from that apartment since then and I’m now living in what will probably (hopefully!) be the last apartment I ever live in. That’s where this blog comes into play.

My boyfriend and I are in the process of buying our first house. We had originally thought that we would be by the time my lease here ends in June, but I was laid off in December and things just weren’t working out as quickly as we needed them to. So, we decided to push everything back six months and we now hope to be homeowners by Christmas. I’ll be blogging the process here – more so when things really start happening in a few months. In the meantime, I’ll be sharing some design ideas courtesy of my favorite resource (the internet!) and using this as a scrapbook of sorts. I’m also going to post updates as I attempt to make this apartment feel a little less like a temporary, wait-for-our-house apartment and more like home. We’ve lived here for nine months already, so it’s already on its way there, but I have some projects I’ve been waiting to tackle until we moved. Now that we aren’t moving, I’m going to go ahead and attempt a few of them. And, of course, everything has to be done frugally. We added our monthly savings to our budget and we’re treating it like one of the bills, which means we don’t have a lot of extra money to spend.

I can’t wait to get started!